Phone [1] : + 212 676 797 066
Phone [2] : + 212 661 931 677
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Address : Dr Ouzoud, Ait Taguela Azilal, Maroc
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About Us :
Customized Morocco is a small independent Tour Company that specializes in tailor-made Tours of Morocco and offers customized itineraries with a distinctly lovely Moroccan flavour. Contact us for an unforgettable experience of the country that will captivate and inspire you with its contrasts, colors and rich cultural heritage… To enable us to legally run our tours in Morocco, and retain the quality of the service we offer, we are registered as " Customized Morocco SARL ", a legally operating Moroccan Tour Company.
Company Registration Details :
Customized Morocco Ltd (Sarl) is registered in Morocco :

§ Company Name : Customized Morocco SARL
§ Registration Number : 1651 Tax : 40457257
§ Registered Address and office: Douar Ouzoud, Province Azilal Morocco
§ Web :

Why Book with us :

When planning, and during your holiday in Morocco, we offer you the benefits of an experienced team :

§ A good English / Berber-speaking contact while planing and during your trip
§ An understanding of your expectations and requirements..
§ A friendly team of local Berber drivers and guides