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The Ait bougmez valley :
Here we offer some nice hikes around one of the most famous valleys of Morocco ; the Ait Bougmez valley is about 2000m high, and it offers several trips for a great discovery of the 31 berber villages which form the whole valley. With great views and green fields full of culture and history as well as Dinausor ‘s foot print.
1 Day :
We drive on the main road to Fez, then after 60 km we turn to the right across the high atlas regions, you take a very great walk around the highest waterfalls of Morocco. We have lunch by the falls, then we carry on towards the valley of Ait Bougmez. Where we stay for the night in a lovely local Berber house.
2 Day :
We take a walk along the valley ‘s river down to the west side of Ait Bougmez, and then back after having lunch somewhere by the river side. Visiting the Dinausor’s foot print and great berber architecture.
3 Day :
The valley is always great and lovely high lights to be discovered by the hikers, today you got to go the other side of the villages via Tabant, the principale village passing the mountain Guiding school, to get then to the Dinosors prints, have a pique-nique break ,then you come all the way back through some tipyque houses, and the granery house of the Timit village .
4 Day :
After a very nice breakfast in the sunshine,you got to enjoy the beautful view of the mountains before you head back to Marrakech after the nice sejourn over the high atlas most beautiful valley.
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