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The mountain adventure :
In this Mountain Adventure ; you will be discovering one of the most famous hikking and mountains trekking departure’s point through Asni to Imlil valley. Then after you will have the opportunity to walk up and enjoy the highest mountain of Morocco and north Africa.Toubkal mountain is about 4167m with great view towards Marrakech and the south into the desert side.
1 Day :
You get started from your Hotel in Marrakech, drive through Tahanaout village to Asni and then into the Imlil valley. Great fields of the wall-nut trees, then carry on to the top of the valley at the village of Armed. You will stay for the night in the Gite.
2 Day :
In the morning after Breakfast, you take a walk through the pass of Tizi-n-Tmatert, from where you will have a great view over the beauty of the surrounding mountains as well as the Tacheddirt valley on the east side of Imlil village. Then after lunch you get back to the gite at the end of afternoon through a lovely little waterfalls.
3 Day :
Today we start the main part of the Trek, after breakfast we take the lovely walk up to the famous Shrine of sidi Shamharoush, where most of the Moroccan from the big cities come for a pilgrimage ; bieleving that they can meet the right person ; and maybe the happiness comes along after the sacred visit of the Shrine..then you still have about 2 hours walk higher into the refuge . Where you stay for the night getting ready for the summit hike.
4 Day :
The most important walk to the top of the Jbel Toubkal starts at about 4 am, to get prepared and have some breakfast, then you walk slowly all the way across the high ridges getting to the highest point of 4167m. after taking some lovely pictures of the whole Horizon, we carry on back down the other way a bit before 11 am ; avoiding the weather changes…
5 Day :
After the adventure day, you just head down hill back to the same village where you have started from, you spend the last night before you are driven back to Marrakech the next day.
6 Day :
Just after having your breakfast by the berber Guest house, you start walking down the same path as you once have done the way up, back to the Imlil village then drive to Marrakech.
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